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Victron Blue Smart IP65: Intelligent Charging for Your Energy Needs

The Victron blue smart ip65 is an intelligent device that allows you to manage your energy needs from anywhere. You can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and use an app to monitor the state of your battery bank, set specific charging schedules and even unplug devices remotely.

Smart Charging For an Intelligent Home

Smart charging is a feature that allows you to control better how your battery is charged. It can be done through a smart charger, an intelligent device that monitors your battery’s state and ensures that it is being charged safely and efficiently.

The benefits of smart charging include:

Improved safety and efficiency- Smart chargers protect against overcharging, which can lead to damage or fire risks. They also ensure that batteries are charged at the correct voltage for their type and size so as not to shorten their life span too quickly (or worse yet, cause them irreparable damage). Using a smart charger instead of manually plugging in your car or RV’s battery every time will help protect yourself and your property from potential hazards while saving money on electricity costs!

Easy Installation And Maintenance Of Victron Ip22

The Victron ip22 is easy to install and maintain, so there’s no need for special tools, training or parts. It ensures you can have your system up and running in no time.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is a complete solution for your energy needs – it will automatically charge the battery when you need it most and discharge when demand is low or at night when there’s no solar input available.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 will charge your battery at night when solar input is low or unavailable. It will also discharge the battery during the day when demand is high and solar information is abundant. It means you can rely on your battery for power when you need it most – whether at night or during peak hours of the day.

High-Quality Construction

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is a high-quality, rugged and durable solution for your energy needs. It’s waterproof and corrosion-resistant, making it easy to install in any environment. The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 has been designed with high-quality components that provide reliable charging performance day after day.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 has an advanced temperature sensor that automatically detects when your battery reaches its optimal charge level so you can stop worrying about overcharging or damaging your batteries through repeated use of the wrong type of charger (e.g., trickle chargers). It also features an integrated circuit breaker that disconnects power if any fault condition is detected by the unit – such as overheating or short circuit – protects you from harm and prolongs your equipment’s life span!

The Victron Energy Ip65 Is The System’s Brain That Can Charge Your Batteries To 100% Capacity

The Victron energy ip65 is the system’s brain that can charge your batteries to 100% capacity. Its advanced technology allows you to manage your entire energy system with ease. Built-in communication technology interacts with your home control centre, giving you more freedom and comfort over your power usage.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is a multi-functional intelligent charger for 12V batteries (24V max). The system automatically detects whether you want to charge or discharge, making it extremely easy for anyone using this product. The unit also includes an integrated Bluetooth module that allows users to monitor their battery levels remotely using an app on their phone or tablet device–even when they are away from home!

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 Battery Charger Is A High-Quality, Intelligent Device

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 battery charger is a high-quality, intelligent device that can charge 12V batteries. It is compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries and is controlled by an app you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.victron ip22

The main features of this product are:

  • An automatic mode detects when to start charging your battery based on its state of charge (SOC).
  • It means you’ll never have to worry about overcharging or undercharging your energy source again!
  • You can also manually control it using the app on your phone. The machine has two ports to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • You can also use it as a power bank!

It has a built-in LED torch that can be used in an emergency, and the device can be charged using a standard wall charger or car cigarette lighter adapter. The Blue Smart IP65 battery charger is compatible with most devices that use 12V batteries, including cars, boats, motorcycles and more. It’s also suitable for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 Is An Intelligent Battery Charger

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is an intelligent battery charger that allows you to manage your energy needs from anywhere. You can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and use an app to monitor the state of your battery bank, set specific charging schedules and even unplug devices remotely.

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is compatible with lead-acid, gel and lithium batteries. It has a built-in solar controller for solar panel systems up to 100W (20A).

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 will charge a battery bank of up to 100Ah and comes with an LCD screen that displays critical data such as voltage, current, power consumption and much more. It also has several safety features to prevent overcharging, overheating or reverse polarity. The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is compatible with both AC and DC systems.

The Victron Blue Smart Ip67 Has Several Safety Features

The Victron Blue Smart IP67 has several safety features to protect people and equipment from hazards like short-circuiting or overcharging. These include reverse polarity protection, low voltage cutoff and over-temperature protection. It also comes with a remote control switch for easy access.

The reverse polarity protection prevents the battery charger from being connected to an incorrect battery connection point, which could damage your batteries or cause them to explode. The low voltage cutoff stops charging once it reaches 4 Volts per cell (8V for 12V batteries) so that you don’t overcharge your batteries and destroy them! Finally, suppose the temperature of your batteries gets too hot during charging (which happens when they’re fully charged). In that case, this feature kicks in automatically so that they don’t get damaged due to overheating – instead allowing them time for cooling down before continuing with their normal cycle life span!

The remote control switch allows you to turn the charger on or off without going over to it, which is especially handy if you have a large battery bank and don’t want to waste time walking up and down between different points! The unit also has an LED display showing current voltage, current amperes (amps), and total amp hours (Ah) used so far during this charge cycle.

The Victron Blue Smart Is Modular So That It Can Be Connected Directly To The Solar Panels

The Victron Blue Smart is modular so that it can be connected directly to the solar panels on your RV or boat without any additional wiring required. It means you will save both time and money on installation! In addition, it has various modes specifically designed for marine use and multiple ways of monitoring performance levels, including pass/fail testing modes used by professional technicians around the world when servicing boats!

The Victron Blue-Smart is also fully integrated with other Victron products, like inverters and chargers, to work together seamlessly to provide optimal power management solutions for your home or business.

The Victron Blue-Smart can be installed in any position, including upside down, and it has a built-in tamper-proof seal that will prevent anyone else from accessing your system. It also has an internal battery that provides backup power to the system in case of an outage or if you are away from home for long periods.

The Victron Blue-Smart is a fully integrated solar controller with many features and benefits. It can be used on boats, RVs, and homes to monitor the performance of solar panels and batteries and provide backup power in case of an outage.


What is the difference between the Victron Blue-Smart IP65 and the IP67?

The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is an intelligent charging station that can simultaneously charge up to 6 devices while protecting against water ingress. The Victron Blue-Smart IP67 is a similar model with additional waterproofing for total protection against dust and water ingress. What is the difference between the Victron Blue-Smart IP65 and the IP22?

The main differences between these two models are that they have different numbers of ports available: four vs six, respectively, and slightly different dimensions (35 x 15 x 5 cm vs 37 x 24 x 5 cm). What’s more important is that both offer intelligent charging capabilities with individual USB ports, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your gadgets!


The Victron Blue-Smart IP65 is an intelligent battery charger that allows you to manage your energy needs from anywhere. You can connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and use an app to monitor the state of your battery bank, set specific charging schedules and even unplug devices remotely.

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